The engagement of a statutory audit involves performing legal duties during the six years covered by the engagement of the whole process of statutory audit as provided by the professional engagements of the National Company of Auditors (CNCC).

To carry out these missions, the firm has :

  • A knowledge of a real know-how in audit as Statutory Auditor in 150 entities located in the West of France.
  • An experience and a long practice of statutory audits in industries and in some listed companies present in varied sectors (banks insurance, telecommunications, information technology, healthcare and not for profit).
  • A group of employees dedicated to specific engagements in listed companies.

The missions of audit allow us to use occasionally or regularly the same audit techniques, regardless of any certification of financial statements. This may be to audit a target company, to approve the sustainability or increase the value of a company or a group of companies, to carry out missions of audit inputs, merger, or other including the identification of strengths, weaknesses and critical review of past and projected statements.
Our office can act to review missions of management tools or management of specific services.
We are also able to conduct structured missions such as due-diligence for investment funds at a local or international level. These engagements can of course be fully processed and presented in English.


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